Continuous Compliance
with confidence.

OSCAL-Based Compliance for Federal IT Systems

DRTConfidence enables enterprises and government agencies to automate compliance management with multiple regulatory frameworks and enhance their overall cyber security posture.

Benefits of Continuous Compliance

Improve Security

Managing security risk for multiple IT components in an ephemeral cloud environment remains an ongoing challenge. Assess system security controls on-demand for continuous compliance.

Increase Automation

Assessment and authorization documents in various formats lead to inconsistencies in interpretation. Automatically generate security controls and profiles in a standardized and digitized format.

Reduce Manual Effort

Manual submissions of Authority to Operate (ATO) packages are laborious and time consuming. Produce machine-readable artifacts to simplify the ATO process and reduce overall costs.

What People Are Saying

“DRTConfidence team migrated our SSP and POA&M to OSCAL successfully and provided instant access to all our compliance documents within the GRC platform. With the click of a button, we can create a high-quality SSP in a printable and OSCAL format, positioning us well for FedRAMP’s future adoption of OSCAL. The tool’s capabilities have made managing our security compliance operations easier than ever before. I would highly recommend them to others.”

– VP of Security, Copado.

“DRTConfidence was easily able to convert our SSP in the OSCAL structured data format.”

– Loren Buhle, Vice President of Risk, Quality, and Compliance, DNAnexus.

“Having to manage 300-400+ controls, vulnerability data, and findings in spreadsheets and Word documents has been the persistent challenge of managing FedRAMP assessments and the multiple documents that are interlinked. Within the DRTConfidence GRC tool, the benefits of OSCAL’s machine-readable format start with quality checks and give all parties insight into the state of an organization’s risks and control implementations.”

– Doug Barbin, Managing Principal and Chief Growth Officer, Schellman.

The OSCAL-Native cATO Platform

Accelerate Your ATO Process

DRTConfidence is an OSCAL-ready platform hosted in a FedRAMP JAB High authorized government cloud.

Automate SSP Assembly

Inherit control policies during system security plan assembly automation.

Manage Workflows

FIPS-199 categorization, PIA, business impact analysis, and E-Auth level.

DevSecOps Compliance

Integrate OSCAL data into the CI/CD pipeline & achieve near real-time view of all risks.

OSCAL artifacts in JSON

Support, import, and export catalogs, profiles, and components.

Draft Document Creation


Enforce Validations

OSCAL allowed values, FedRAMP and custom validations.

Go-Live. Deliver a Compliant System with DRTConfidence.

Multiple regulatory frameworks and standards change over time which causes delays and frustrates security teams. Maintain compliance with agency requirements at all times with visibility into system risk profiles.


Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Third-Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) can document and automatically generate FedRAMP compliant Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) based ATO packages.


Federal, local, and state agencies can improve their FISMA compliance and reduce risk exposure by achieving a posture of continuous compliance with the adoption of OSCAL.

Why DRTConfidence?

DRTConfidence is the first Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC) platform to successfully deliver a complete ATO package in OSCAL format to FedRAMP (GSA) and meet the necessary requirements.

Information system security professionals reduce risk, time, and manual effort to maintain federal cyber security compliance.

  • Automate the assembly of ATO documentation.
  • Integrate automated compliance with DevOps pipelines.
  • Automate risk identification from assessment scans.
  • Manage risks via a next-generation GRC platform.

Take your ATO compliance to the next level.

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