OSCAL Conversion

Standardize and automate compliance operations for any regulatory agency.

Whether FedRAMP or FISMA, cloud service providers and 3PAOs can submit compliance documents in standard, machine-readable formats such as XML, JSON, and YAML. This new approach to security authorization offers greater flexibility by providing opportunities for automation and reducing the time to market for a cloud solution offering.

Make OSCAL a Priority for Faster ATO

DRTConfidence is a complete OSCAL-ready solution with end-to-end automation to document control catalogs, security baselines, and assessment plans with more accuracy. We are the first company to successfully complete a FedRAMP ATO application in OSCAL.


Generate multiple, scalable machine-readable formats in DRTConfidence. Enable seamless and portable compliance reporting across disparate systems.


From the selection of security controls to the completion of implementation, through the assessment process, ensure full traceability and system integrity in your ATO package.


Support continuous compliance and stringent monitoring requirements with OSCAL. Recertify your innovative cloud solution offering at any time with just one click.

Convert to OSCAL in Four Easy Steps

The DRTConfidence GRC platform follows a 4-step process to convert existing Word and Excel based documents to OSCAL. The primary ATO artifacts that need to be converted are the System Security Plan (SSP), System Assessment Plan (SAP), and the Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M). The Security Assessment Report (RAS) is produced during the assessment and must be converted accordingly.

1. Extract

We extract the content of existing FedRAMP template-based documents into an intermediary format. We extract from Word and Excel FedRAMP Templates for SSP, TCW and RET.

2. Map

We map the information extracted in the first step, to the OSCAL format in accordance with FedRAMP guidelines.

3. Augment

We work with you to augment the information required by OSCAL and FedRAMP guidelines, which may not have been provided in previous submissions.

4. Validate

We perform FedRAMP proposed validations to ensure that the future submissions based on OSCAL will be successfully accepted by FedRAMP.

OSCAL Conversion is Just the Beginning

The DRTConfidence conversion team is here to help you along the way. Once the FedRAMP authorization documentation converts to OSCAL, it is as easy as updating the system. To better understand the timeline and work required to convert your artifacts to FedRAMP’s proposed OSCAL, the DRTConfidence conversion Team will review your documents and provide a detailed proposal.

simplifying the oscal conversion process for your SSP using the DRTConfidence GRC tool

Give OSCAL a try and see the difference.