The OSCAL-Ready Compliance Solution

Achieve a security posture of continuous compliance via standardization and automation of various compliance artifacts and tasks using a next-generation GRC tool. Whether you are a federal agency or an enterprise, DRTConfidence makes OSCAL adoption simple and efficient.


Machine readable artifacts allow security posture to be assessed more often, leading towards continuous compliance.


Assembly and generation of SSP, SAP, SAR and POA&M artifacts reduces a significant amount of manual effort.


Assessment and authorization documentation can be developed and managed within a single platform.


Efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of system security assessments by automating scan result processing.


Native support for NIST’s OSCAL standard ensures all the information is developed and maintained in an industry standard format allowing future portability.


SaaS solution operating in a FedRAMP JAB High authorized Government Cloud ensures your requirements to protect CUI are met.

Solve Compliance Headaches with DRTConfidence Offerings

FedRAMP Authorization and Compliance

FedRAMP certification using traditional paper-based methodology is arduous, complicated, and time-consuming. As a CSP, you could be looking at 18-24 months and investing heavy resources to complete the authorization process.

DRTConfidence OSCAL based solution provides automation and digitization of ALL FedRAMP compliance artifacts for all stakeholders while reducing costs, risks, and manual effort to meet stringent security requirements.


Federal Agency Continuous Compliance

Government agencies make investments in new cutting-edge technologies, but the current compliance process is point in time, costly and hinders their ability to succeed.

DRTConfidence already operates in a FedRAMP JAB High authorized Government Cloud, making it extremely easy for federal government agencies to leverage OSCAL for automating compliance management and achieving continuous authority to operate (cATO). Since most federal agencies already leverage ServiceNow, you can easily deploy DRTConfidence in the ServiceNow environment and maximize their investment.

Onboard Services to Automate Your Compliance Workflow

OSCAL Conversion

Convert existing paper based ATO artifacts including SSP, SAP and POA&Ms into OSCAL artifacts leveraging our conversion tools and best practices.


800-53 REV 4 TO REV 5

Automate large parts of the migration of control implementation details in SSPs from 800-53 Rev4 to 800-53 Rev5 versions, reducing manual effort.

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Solutions by Regulatory Frameworks


Risk Management Framework 800-53 Revision 4 and Revision 5 for the commercial sector and for Federal Agencies needing to meet FISMA compliance.


JAB and Agency Authorizations including all OSCAL requirements as guided by FedRAMP.

U.S. Department of Defense

FedRAMP+ Impact Level 4 & 5 supporting the reciprocity between FedRAMP and DoD.

Integrations to Maximize Your IT Investment


Single sign-on leveraging the Okta platform.


FIPS140-2 Validated VPN integration into cloud platforms to secure access from within enterprise networks.


REST based API integrations to enterprise systems to automate the exchange of inventory, risk, mitigation, and scan information.

Interested in a stress-free FedRAMP authorization?