FedRAMP Compliance, Accelerated.

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FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) compliance is a rigorous process that takes up to a year to complete. A cloud service provider (CSP) looking to compete in the marketplace and win more government contracts must employ an automated GRC tool like DRTConfidence to expedite the review process.

What is the FedRAMP Program?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is a government-wide program that provides federally mandated assessment and authorization services to commercial cloud solution providers looking to offer their solutions to the Federal Government.

FedRAMP has adopted Open Security Control Assessment Language (OSCAL) for its automation framework to reduce the authorization turnaround time and cost. By leveraging OSCAL, FedRAMP can automate many steps during its review process. With the recent milestone of FedRAMP being coded into law, FedRAMP has been mandated to establish an automated assessment framework by the end of 2023.

Increase Efficiencies in Obtaining FedRAMP Compliance

DRTConfidence supports the US General Services Administration (GSA) initiative to automate FedRAMP’s security artifacts into a standardized machine-readable format. We are the first company to generate all the documents (SSP, SAP, SAR, POAM) in OSCAL and receive FedRAMP approval. Move from erroneous Word documents or laborious manual processes to an efficient and scalable compliance solution.

One-Click OSCAL Document Generation

One-Click OSCAL Document Generation

Our SaaS solution enables businesses with a cloud service offering (CSO) to quickly generate FedRAMP compliant ATO packages at the click of a button. Reduce your FedRAMP compliance and ATO costs by as much as 40%.

Continuous Compliance Anytime

Continuous Compliance Anytime

Once a CSP is FedRAMP certified, you still need to recertify with ongoing assessments whether monthly, quarterly or annually. DRTConfidence streamlines the compliance process so your team can focus on service delivery and go live.

meet fedramp regulatory requirements

Always Stay Current

Need to keep up with new regulatory requirements for FedRAMP? Or worried about transitioning to NIST Rev 5 guidelines from Rev 4? The DRTConfidence GRC platform keeps abreast with evolving and new regulatory controls so your reports always stay compliant.

fedramp compliance visibility

Complete Visibility

Whether you are documenting new security controls, generating SSP reports, collecting evidence, performing assessments or building catalogs for your business – obtain full coverage across all aspects of FedRAMP compliance requirements within a single tool.

DRTConfidence Compliance Solutions Are for Everyone

Cloud Service Providers

  • Meet FedRAMP’s OSCAL based submission requirements
  • Improve the quality of submissions to FedRAMP
  • Reduce manual effort of maintaining all the documentation

Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs)

  • Generate assessment documents in the OSCAL format
  • Automate interpreting assessment scan files
  • Eliminate the complexity of developing the Risk Exposure Table (RET) and Test Case Workbook (TCW)

Transform Your FedRAMP Certification Process at Any Step

Extend your OSCAL documentation with additional layers of validation and extension to remain fully compliant with the FedRAMP framework. No matter what compliance stage, the DRTConfidence tool automatically populates SSP, SAP, and SAR with the required data controls and includes components so your team is ready to work immediately.

ready for fedramp compliance

Are You FedRAMP Ready?

As you are getting started with the FedRAMP authorization process, you may be developing your ATO artifacts manually or leveraging a GRC tool that is not OSCAL compliant. This can become a manual intensive process which will burden your technical and security teams. FedRAMP’s automation effort recommends a FedRAMP proposed OSCAL-based submission to reduce the review time.

We recommend getting started with our OSCAL-ready solution now before it becomes a mandate to help ease the burden of these manual processes and lengthy timelines. You may have to go through a full conversion process later, which can add additional costs and risk to the continuous authorization of your service.

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in process stage for fedramp compliance

Is Your FedRAMP in Process?

For CSPs that are in process and awaiting FedRAMP authorization, now is the time to inform your organization about the benefits of FedRAMP proposed OSCAL formats and the urgency to implement this approach before it becomes mandated by the federal government.

We recommend converting your FedRAMP ATO documents to FedRAMP proposed OSCAL format once you have received your ATO. The conversion process can take a couple of months and will ensure you have the tools and training to be ready for your next annual assessment without risk.

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FedRAMP Authorized stage and compliance

Are You FedRAMP Authorized?

For CSPs that are authorized and in the continuous monitoring (ConMon) process, you are now focused on your annual assessments.

We recommend converting your FedRAMP ATO artifacts to OSCAL once the annual assessment is complete. The conversion process takes a couple of months and ensures you have the rights tools and training to be ready for your next annual assessment.

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Our Success Story

DRTConfidence teamed up with DNAnexus (CSP) and Schellman (3PAO) to successfully deliver the first annual authorization package in OSCAL format to FedRAMP. The submission passed all the validations without errors or exceptions in the reported artifacts.

“DRTConfidence was easily able to convert our SSP in the OSCAL structured data format.”

Loren Buhle, Vice President of Risk, Quality, and Compliance for DNAnexus

“Managing 300-400+ controls, vulnerability data, and findings in spreadsheets and Word documents has been the persistent challenge of managing FedRAMP assessments and the multiple interlinked documents. The benefits of OSCAL’s machine-readable format starts with quality checks and gives all parties insight into the state of an organization’s risks and control implementations.”

Doug Barbin, Managing Principal and Chief Growth Officer at Schellman

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