FedRAMP Rev 5 Transition

NIST 800-53 security requirements are ever-changing. Simplify your FedRAMP Revision 5 transition process with OSCAL automation.

The FedRAMP Rev 5 Movement is Here – Are You Prepared?

The FedRAMP security control and assessment process has undergone a significant update in Revision 5. There are new families of controls which place a greater emphasis on privacy. The additional requirements are intended to enhance security by addressing new cyber threats and reducing risks to cloud-based systems.

Planning and implementing new security controls from Rev 4 to FedRAMP Rev 5 baseline will require arduous effort and demand additional resources from the CSP, 3PAO, and the federal agency community. Without a streamlined and efficient content migration framework, your security and compliance teams face numerous challenges.

Don’t Dwell in the Past With Manual Documentation Processes

Regardless of their FedRAMP authorization stage, cloud service providers must quickly assess, perform gap analysis, and adapt their ATO package from the Rev 4 to the FedRAMP Rev 5 baseline format. The identification and migration of new controls using a manual paper-based process increases costs and creates complexities for any SaaS organization looking to accelerate federal approval.

“Cut and Paste” to new guidance templates is inefficient, error prone, and a poor documentation practice.

Many embedded documents, tables, and attachments need to be updated which makes maintaining version control difficult.

Manually identifying updated and new controls that are not applicable, identifying eliminated controls and changed parameters is time consuming.

Seamless Transition to FedRAMP Rev 5 & OSCAL –
Two Milestones in One Shot!

DRTConfidence, a leading OSCAL-ready compliance solution, converts your SSP, SAP, SAR, and PO&AM in Revision 4 format to the new FedRAMP NIST 800-53 Rev 5 baseline in a cost-efficient manner.

Copy and pasting content from Rev 4 Word documents to Rev 5 Word documents before employing any GRC automation is a substantial manual effort. Instead, our approach saves cloud businesses approximately 60% of their effort time. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1

We migrate your existing Word Rev 4 SSP to an OSCAL-based Rev 4 SSP. A semi-automated process executes the extraction process to create an intermediate JSON data format that is then mapped and loaded in the DRTConfidence GRC tool. To make sure the conversion went smoothly, a review of the Rev 4 OSCAL SSP is conducted later.

Rev 4






Map and Load


GRC Platform

Rev 4



Step 2

After completing the conversion process, we initiate a blank Rev 5 SSP that conforms with the FedRAMP baseline requirements. The tool then populates information on controls that are unchanged, mapped, and any other ones that require review. Finally, an OSCAL Rev 5 document is created automatically.


GRC Platform

Rev 5


Creates a blank Rev5 SSP with all the FedRAMP Rev 5 baselines and Rev5 control layouts



Copy all the control details for unchanged controls that are in-scope for Rev5



Copy all the control details where there is clear mapping to new controls



Highlight all the controls and parameters that need input, review or manual approval



Create a task list of all controls to be reviewed and updated

Tracking FedRAMP Rev 5 Migration Progress is a Click Away

DRTConfidence provides compliance teams with a dashboard to quickly track their Rev 5 migration status after completing the conversion process. Visualize and comprehend the gaps in your FedRAMP Rev 5 compliance journey.

track fedramp rev 5 progress in DRTConfidence dashboard

Review Status for a newly migrated FedRAMP Rev 5 SSP is automatically set so you know where the work needs to be done.

Manage Artifact Completion

  • Track Rev 5 transformation progress for SSP, SAR, SAP, and POA&M with certainty
  • Respond faster to controls that need immediate attention
  • Obtain better visibility into migration issues and their causes
  • Collaborate and review status with multiple team members (CSP, 3PAO, assessors)

Close Compliance Gaps with Rev 5 Security Controls

  • Drill down into controls and parameters that have changed due to new FedRAMP guidance
  • Save time and reduce costs. No guesswork when it comes to proactively identifying controls in the tool.
  • Improve team productivity with OSCAL automation
  • Get a better and seamless compliance experience for end-users

drill down on Fedramp rev 5 control progress

By selecting any portion of the graph, you can see exactly which security controls need attention.

Stay futureproof to FedRAMP security guidelines.