We Are About Continuous Compliance

Helping Federal Agencies and Commercial Enterprises
Meet Their Compliance Goals

Today’s security compliance processes cannot survive the current state of time-consuming, manual documentation and arduous assessment. With the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), continuous compliance has become a reality through automation.

We help you reach a posture of continuous compliance; improving the security of your IT systems and reducing the manual labor required to obtain a FedRAMP authorization or FISMA compliance.

DRT Confidence

DRTConfidence is the proven solution for today’s organizations needing to meet rigorous compliance standards across the enterprise. Available in the cloud and as a ServiceNow solution, DRTConfidence is hosted in a FedRAMP JAB High authorized government cloud.

  • Improves efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of system security assessments
  • Avoids FISMA compliance penalties
  • Improves the collaboration between business, IT, and security teams
  • Delivers a roadmap for adopting innovations
  • Drives a large decrease in paperwork and manual processes
  • Digitizes the A&A documentation package.

Too much compliance paperwork?