The Platform for End-to-End Federal Authorization

DRTConfidence, hosted in a FedRAMP JAB High Government Cloud, provides Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management capabilities in a standardized OSCAL machine-readable format.

Generate compliance artifacts (SSP, SAR, SAP, POA&M), import leveraged packages, build component repositories, automate assessments, create system workflows, and integrate with DevSecOps to improve the quality of your cyber security posture.

Reimagine Compliance. Build Trust.

Obtain a High-Quality System Security Plan With Automation

Inherit control policies and procedures automatically from multiple platform components when assembling your SSP in OSCAL. Tie all the control implementations together for a broader context and improved documentation quality.

Simplify Audits During DevSecOps Compliance

Integrate OSCAL-based security profiles into your CI/CD lifecycle pipeline and evaluate regulatory risks earlier for continuous compliance. Make the assessment process easier and obtain a faster production ready deployment.

drtconfidence risk score determination using machine learning models

Determine Risk Scores Based on Trained ML Models

Leverage your historical risk data to train ML models, and determine risk scores with a 95% accuracy. ML models are automatically retrained using the’sliding window’ algorithms on a periodic basis, ensuring that the risk scores reflect the most current technical posture of the system.

Submit Compliance Artifacts in a Standard OSCAL Format

Building your catalog, profile, component definition, SSP, SAR, SAP, and POA&M artifacts in the NIST OSCAL format ensures standardization and interoperability with FedRAMP and other federal agency IT systems.

Maintain Data Integrity for All Compliance Artifacts

Extend your OSCAL documentation with additional layers of validation and extension to remain fully compliant with the FedRAMP framework. No matter what compliance stage, the DRTConfidence tool automatically populates SSP, SAP, and SAR with the required data controls and includes components so your team is ready to work immediately.

Secure Compliance Data Delivered in Real-Time

DRTConfidence operates in a FedRAMP JAB High GovCloud environment, ensuring your data is safe, secure, and protected to transmit and meet enterprise compliance and government-wide mission needs. Get peace of mind.

Enforce Compliance Standards Using Validation Rules

Automated verification and built-in checks for OSCAL allowed values, FedRAMP and agency validations, business rules, custom validations, and schema validation means that your team can successfully submit an error-free ATO package and expedite the review process.

Manage Compliance Workflows Collectively

Use a single GRC tool to collaborate across teams, manage compliance standards, and improve the overall security of federal information systems.

  • FIPS-199 Categorization
  • Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA)
  • Business Impact Analysis

Platform Options to Get You Started

Authorize and Scale Your Compliance Process With SaaS

DRTConfidence offers two different SaaS hosting models to address the challenges of small and larger enterprises.


Our multitenant environment offers everything you need for one authorization package, including SSP generation, SAP review, SAR Review, and POA&M generation at an affordable price.


A private cloud instance where your team gets more custom features and can manage their ATO package submission with multiple regulatory frameworks in a controlled manner.

Are you looking to convert your SSP in OSCAL?